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2 Feb 2012

Vaadin and Groovy Test


I had the chance to see a presentation of Vaadin with Nicolas Fränkel, who also write an interesting book “Learning Vaadin“. Vaadin is a new Java web framework for making applications look great and perform well, making your users happy. He promises to make your user interfaces attractive and usable while easing your development effort and boosting your productivity.
Vaadin change the way you write web application by thinking application and events process. That’s a great news, write a Swing application or a web application will be the same. No more changing the way to write you app. So I grab a book edition and run on my computer to try Vaddin.

Creating a Maven Project
Before starting our Vaadin project you need to create a Maven project with the Vaadin Maven archetype as explain on Using Vaadin with Maven

mvn archetype:generate

Running the Application
Your project should be ready now and you can launch a testing application with mvn jetty:run and then open your browser under http://localhost:8080/.

The pom has everything ready to work on your Vaadin application.

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