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SAFe 4.5

2018-2019 Haute Ecole de Gestion

Alexandre was asked to be the Agile Experts in the Agile Project Management subject for Advanced Study Certificate for HEG, a public...
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2017 -2018 – Agile@Scale Transformation at La Mobiliere

La Mobiliere (Nyon) is the Romandie branch of Die Mobiliere a Swiss Private insurance. In 2017 they started a SAFe transformation from the book with little help from outside. After nearly a year in between the Forming and Storming phase, they asked me to join their premise to help them in the doing and being agile.

2017 – Agile Training at Geneva State

During summer 2017, I was asked to certify the full department of Political Law at the Geneva State

2017-2018 – Agile Lean Transformation – Etat de Geneva

In charge for the adoption of Agile/Lean practices for a full department, composed of 30 peoples and working on 4 products simultaneously.
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